Esplugues Hall



Esplugues is a 91 m2 hall with various set-up options such as an Imperial style, a distribution aimed at board of directors meetings, management team meetings or small presentations. It has a central table with attendants all around it.





M2 Imperial BanquetS Theatre Classroom U Cocktail
91 30 50 80 40 30 70





More than 3 metres in height, the Esplugues (C) room allows the following combinations thanks to its panel system:

  1. (C+E): 188m2:
    • Minimum capacity (U): 50
    • maximum capacity (Teatro): 170
  2. (B+C): 193m2:
    • Minimum capacity (U): 50
    • maximum capacity (Teatro): 185
  3. (A+B+C):299m2:
    • Minimum capacity (U):90
    • maximum capacity (Teatro): 275
  4. (B+C+F+E): 397m2:
    • Minimum capacity (U): 60
    • maximum capacity (Teatro): 385
  5. (A+B+C+D+G+F): 708m2:
    • Minimum capacit (U): 110
    • maximum capacity(Teatro): 385


Services in the hall


This hall offers a wide range of services depending on your needs: Flip chart, data and video projectors, transparency projector, screens of several sizes, audio and sound equipment and Wi-Fi Internet connection.



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