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Natural SpaGym is the relaxation centre at Hotel FrontAir Congress Airport. The Alexandre Hotels wellness area offers more than 1200 m2 of sensations where water is the main wellness element. It’s ideal for resolving circulatory and muscle problems or just stress - they all can be improved with the benefits of the Natural SpaGym. Talk to our specialists, who will assist you at the Spa reception desk so you can enjoy your wellness session.

We have a 33-degree pool with:


Circuito Spa y masaje de 20´

Disfruta de una completa zona de aguas sin límite de tiempo y acompáñalo de un masaje anti estrés de 20minutos.
Precio por persona 29,90€
Realizar siempre reserva previa al 93 636 94 90
De lunes a domingo de 10:00 a 21:00.

Circuito Spa con Buffet Restaurante

Disfruta de una completa zona de aguas sin límite de tiempo y acompáñalo de nuestro Buffet Restaurante tanto en comida o cena de lunes a domingo.
Precio por persona 30€ en días laborables, y 32€ en fines de semana y festivos
Realizar siempre reserva previa al 93 636 94 90
De lunes a domingo de 10:00 a 21:00.

Circuito Spa, Masaje de 45´y Buffet Restaurante.

Disfruta de una completa zona de aguas sin límite de tiempo, incluye un masaje terapéutico de 45 minutos y la comida o la cena en nuestro Buffet Restaurant.
Precio por persona 59€
Realizar siempre reserva previa al 93 636 94 90
De lunes a domingo de 10:00 a 21:00.

Solicite su reserva

  • 4 Cervical waterfalls 2 swan neck jets to work on your back
  • Water bed for 4 people
  • Lumbar Jets
  • Bubble chairs
  • Volcanoes with bubbles
  • Wet Therm
  • Turkish bath “Wet”


  • 4 Cervical waterfalls 2 swan necks, to work back
  • Dry sauna
  • 3 Circular showers (micro jets of water hot or cold or combined)
  • Whirlpool 11grados cold water
  • Heated chairs (they relax and stretch the body) For guests staying at Hotel FrontAir Congress Airport, the Natural Spa allows them to enjoy their stay in Barcelona even more. It’s the ideal complement to a day of work or to recover after a day of tourism around the city. If you’re not staying at FrontAir Congress Airport, you can still enjoy the magnificent Natural SpaGym services as we have spacious changing rooms to get ready in no time. Find out about all the options for enjoying the water circuit, treatments and getting fit at the Natural SpaGym, an attractive Wellness area.



Open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. all week.
Using slippers, a bathing suit and swim cap is mandatory. Swim caps are available at the SPA reception desk.
Children under 12 may not use the water area and children 12-18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Contact the Natural Spa team:



Discover the Spa treatment area. Enjoy some relaxation in Barcelona!


The FrontAir Congress Natural Airport Spa team offers a wide range of treatments for your wellness and to foster your health and wellbeing. Take the advice of our professionals and discover all the benefits of our treatments for your body.

If you’re thinking about giving the gift of wellness, we also have gift checks available valid for up to 3 months.


Therapeutic massages

We use your handsas a way to relieve the pain of muscle contractions or injuries and enhance sensorial awareness, seeking relaxation and wellness. Sessions can take 25, 45 or 55 minutes depending on the treatment.

  • Therapeutic quiromassage: €29 / €39 / €45
  • Anti-stress with aromatic oils: €29 / €39 / €45
  • Anti-cellulite: €29 / €39
  • Head and face: €29 / €39
  • Foot reflexology: €29 / €39
  • 45’ manual lymph drainage: €39 / 55′: €45
  • Circulatory: €29 / €39


Special massages

Using more exotic techniques to offer an original and innovative product, we seek the differentiation with the aim to enjoy while you relax in our hands..

  • Massage with shea butter candle oil: 45€ (45 minutes)
  • Relaxing Bamboo treatment: 54 € (50 minutes)
  • Herb bundles: 54€ (50 minutes)
  • Geothermal massage: 54€ (50 minutes)
  • Thai massage: 54€ (50 minutes)
  • Shiatsu: 54€ (50 minutes)



We use water pressure and boost it with natural agents to transmit the benefits of its nourishing and revitalising properties. (20 minutes).

  • Green Apple: 24€
  • Mandarin: 24€
  • Wine: 26€
  • Aromatic salts: 24€
  • Milk and lemon: 24€


Facial treatments

Discover the benefits of our facial treatments for your skin. Our experts will advise you and help you enhance your beauty. (50 minutes)

  • Vitamin facial cleansing: 39€
  • Oxygenation: 44€
  • Cell Renew (moisturizing): 39€
  • Cell Renew (sensitive skin): 39€
  • Balancer (greasy skin): 39€
  • Balancer (acne): 39€
  • Age Stop: 44€
  • Lifting: 44€


Body treatments

Disconnect for a bit from your stressful lifestyle and discover a whole new feeling of relaxation and wellness with a body treatment.

  • Moisturising Dead Sea peel with papaya: 34€ (25 min)
  • Moisturising Dead Sea peel with rose hip: 34€ (25 min)
  • Mandarin peel: 29€ (25 min)
  • Coffee peel: 29€ (25 min)
  • Purifying seaweed body wrap: 29€ (45 min)
  • Purifying seaweed body wrap: 39€ (45 min)


Packages created just for you. Enjoy a perfect stay at FrontAir Congress Airport


If you’d like to enjoy a full day of sensations and relaxation, get the pack that best meets your needs so you can really enjoy it all.


  • Weight reduction treatment: 59€ Spa Circuit + 45-minute weight reduction massage + 50 minute weight reduction seaweed wrap
  • Aquanatura Pack: 39€ Spa Circuit + 25-minute massage with aromatic oil.
  • Happiness Pack: 45€ Gift Spa Circuit + 20-minute mandarin and citrus hydromassage + 25-minute peel with essential mandarin oil.
  • Honey Sweet Pack: 49€ Gift Spa Circuit + 25-minute anti-stress massage with honey oil + 20-minute hydromassage.
  • Delicacy Pack: 59€ Gift Spa Circuit + 20-minute rose hip peel + 20-minute massage with papaya oil.
  • Executive Pack: 59€ Gift Spa Circuit + Purifying seaweed wrap + 25-minute massage with aromatic oil.
  • Essential Pack: 64€ Gift Spa Circuit + 55-minute vitamin facial + 25-minute massage with aromatic oil.
  • Chocotherapy: 64€ Gift Spa Circuit + 50-minute chocolate wrap + 25-minute relaxing massage with orange chocolate.
  • Cava Treatment: 69€ Gift Spa Circuit + 50-minute Cava Body Wrap + 25-minute massage with Cava oil.
  • Harmony Pack: 69€ Gift Spa Circuit + 45-minute massage with shea butter candle oil + 50-minute facial oxygenation.
  • Cleopatra Pack: 99€ Gift Spa Circuit + 20-minute hydromassage with milk and lemon + 50-minute bamboo massage + 55-minute Age Stop Facial


Plus, we offer Multi-Session Massage Packs at a more affordable price:


  • Five 25-minute Massage Sessions for 125€
  • Five 45-minute Massage Sessions for 150€
  • Five 55-minute Massage Sessions for 190€


Prices include 21% VAT.
Contact the Natural Spa team and book your treatment: Tel. 93.636.94.90 or
All treatments begin at the booked time. We recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to your reservation time.